Some of the #tunefriday tunes are also possible silverbasharpa tunes. So this is a page dedicated to the silverbasharpa.
These videos do take a lot of time to put together - so using the donate button is much appreciated!

15.02.19 - Änglapolskan
07.06.19 - Hassefallpolskan
29.06.18 - Calle's Brudmarsch
24.05.19 - Hambo-Polska efter Sixten i Verpeshultaberg
27.09.19 - Fätemyrsvalsen
04.10.19 - Kalle Ågrens Vals
18.10.19 - Polkette efter Calle Svankvist
31.05.19 - Slängpolska (efter Calle Svankvist)

23.06.17 - Midsommarn (not played on the silver, but is a silver tune)

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