Friday, 8 September 2017


This week's #tunefriday is an unusual one. Filmed at the Halsway Manor Harpas at Halsway Nyckelharpa Weekend 2017 it is a tune that Jonny wrote for me many years ago. It was actually written for double bass, but once I got my cello pitched nyckelharpa (oktavharpa) it was obvious that it was meant for this instrument! It is quite playable on a standard nyckelharpa. My oktavharpa is tuned with a D string, but this won't cause any problems for C tuned harpa players.
Download the dots and the piano parts in pdf format. I ask only one thing - if you perform it I'd like to hear it! Film it, record it, but play it and then send it on! (I just want to hear it!)

Elegy treble clef nyckelharpa part.pdf
Elegy bass clef oktavharpa part.pdf
Elegy bass clef piano.pdf


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