I have lost our five residential courses at Halsway Manor this year and I really miss teaching face to face and I'm sure everyone else is missing playing together. So I've decided to run an asynchronous virtual session. Each week I will add a new session video that will over time build up into a full session. It's going to start slow and easy for the less confident player and get gradually more demanding. It's going to be a mixed session with a an eclectic mix of tunes. All the tunes will have lesson videos to accompany it so if you don't know a tune you can learn it!

We've been overwhelmed by our response to our request for coffees for the next session - so we will be filming another couple this week! Thank you! We're going to keep asking for more coffees so we can continue to film the sessions. If you have a request for a tune, get in touch!

DOWNLOAD the complete dots (includes future sessions!)

Session 16 - from the Long Room at Halsway Manor!

Session 15 - Säckpipa Tunes - the session Jonny couldn't make - Sunday 30th August
Extra Session - Swedish Tunes Workshop at Whitby Folk Week

Session 14 - Swedish Tunes - Sunday 23rd August

Session 13 - The Playford Session Part 3 - Sunday 16th August

Session 12 - British Tunes - Sunday 9th August
Session 11 - Swedish Tunes - Sunday 2nd August

Session 10 - The Playford Session Part 2

Session 9,  Jonny's Dance Tunes - Sunday 19th July

Session Zero Part 3 - Sunday 12th July

Session 8 - Sunday 5th July - Vicki's Dance Tunes
The tune list for this session so you can prepare and play along at the premier is. 

Session 7 - Sunday 28th June - The Playford Session at 2pm
Session 6 - Sunday 21st June. Tunes by people who have been to Halsway!
Session Zero Part 2 - Sunday 14th June

Session 5 - Sunday 7th June

Session 4 - Sunday 31st May 2020

Session 3 - Sunday 24th May 2020

Session 2 - Sunday 17th May 2020

Session 1 - Sunday 10th May 2020

Session Zero - Saturday 16th May 2020

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