Sunday, 27 September 2020

Tenterden Zoom Dance

We're playing for a dance! It's a familiar phrase now - it's supposed to be the Tenterden Folk Festival at the weekend and of course it's been cancelled due to Covid-19. So we offered to do a Zoom ceilidh. tune it's Zoom that means you don't have to dance - you can play along. So here is a sneak preview of the dance list and PDF so that you can download it, print it and join in with us! It doesn't include what the actual dances are though, they can be a surprise - although some of the dances have eponymous tunes. Below is the list to the links of the teaching videos. I haven't taught them all - so I should get round to doing those!
  1. Alunelul
  2. Anastasia
  3. Double Shot Coffee / Diversion Ahead / Don't Drive Tired
  4. Hyde and Seek / Japonica Jig
  5. Half Hannikin
  6. Horses Branle
  7. Lightening the Load / St Albans New
  8. Hornpipe Hollandica 1 / Hornpipe Hollandica 2 / Stena's Hornpipe
  9. Andy Clarkes / A Trip to Habertonford
  10. Ankapoo / Tongue in Cheek
  11. Drunken Piper / Italian Pants / Dot Dot Dot
  12. Swedish Masquerade
  13. Winster Gallop / Doodle Oak Cloggers /  Hedingham Green
If you want to come to the Zoom dance you'll need to register and I will send you the details. It's free (donations welcome) -> CLICK HERE to REGISTER.

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