Monday, 30 November 2015

Nyckelharpa Four a Day - Day One

So my third blog entry. :D
I have a website where I have teaching resources. I have recently opened up some of the resources and thought I'd share them on this blog. I have been writing daily exercises, slowly working through different things. It is a work in progress! The idea of these exercises is that you do one day at a time, moving from one day to the next. They are exercises and it's all about playing beautiful notes and working on technique. It's not about playing faster, it's about playing beautifully and accurately. It was originally devised with no tunes, but I'm going to add some in as I go along! The title is taking the idea of having five pieces of fruit a day - this is your four a day - four lines, each with four bars on. Maybe I should get out more!

Enjoy, I hope it helps!

Day One - today we are going to start with three notes. Open top string A, first gold key, first finger  B and second gold note, second finger C. Play each note with a steady even pulse.  The most important thing is to keep the bow on the string at all times, don't stab at the string with it. Every note needs to be more beautiful than the last. Play these slowly and beautifully until you can imagine that you are moving into a nice meditative head space.


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