Monday, 29 February 2016

Fixing Sticky Nyckelharpa Keys

I'm asked all the time about fixing sticky keys. People are usually really scared of taking the nyckelharpa apart for the first time, but it's actually really simple. You unscrew the top and take them out. Unscrew a little more and take more keys out. It can be a bit awkward to get to the very bottom row, so that's a different video - but the initial stage is really, really easy. So here is a video of me taking one apart (down to the bit where it gets harder anyway).
The scraping of the edge of the key is harder to explain - you need to figure out which key is sticking and then try to figure out where it is sticking on the shoulder or at the end. Then scrape away a tiny amount and apply lots of graphite - or pencil. I use a 4B pencil so it's as slippy as possible.
But the real purpose of this video is to stop people being scared of taking the first keys out of the key box....

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